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Institute of Recycling Technologies

Faculty of Materials, Metallurgy and Recycling
Technical University of Kosice

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Science and research

Institute of Recycling Technologies realizes the research activities based upon almost sixty years of the successful tradition of former Department of Non-Ferrous Metals dealing  mostly with the primary non-ferrous metallurgy only. On the basis of the time requirement these activities were expanded and transformed into the waste disposal and recycling area. This activity is focused on recycling and removal of all materials, mostly metals.

The Institute has successfully cooperated and cooperates with partners from Slovakia as well as from Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Italy, Poland, Greece, Great Britain etc., resulting in large number of scientific projects, published works in category A, many citations and several scientific monographs, published abroad and in organization of  the established international and national scientific conferences.

At the present time, the Institute activity focuses on the processing and recycling of the industrial wastes such as aluminum and zinc dross, steelmaking dusts, copper smelting dusts and so on. In the municipal waste area, the attention is paid mostly to the recycling of electronic scrap, used portable batteries and accumulators, municipal waste analyzing, and so on.

The Institute and its staff was awarded with several prominent awards as Golden Ant 2007, Golden Ant 2013, Scientist of the Year 2008, Best Doctoral Work 2008, Price of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic (see all awards).